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Sarandas Family Hearth 1.0.0

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The Sarandas estate is no longer a measly one-room hut. The house is now made more fitting of the family's reputation, and can be given to the player for their service in the Temple.

Ienas Sarandas' house is now a proper Ald-ruhn clan hearth, suitable for the Sarandas family legacy. In dialogue we hear that Ienas' parents were wealthy and successful and had left their son a sizable fortune, but the house they left him was a tiny hut, barely big enough for some furniture and a single hammock, let alone a family of three adults.

This mod expands the house into a proper family dwelling, although it's still considerably bare due to Ienas' poor life decisions. If the player helped Ienas in finding a new life in the service of ALMSIVI, and the player themselves are a Curate in the Temple, they can get the deed to the house through Master Tuls Valen in the Ald'Ruhn temple.

Once the house is put in your possession, the Temple will outfit it with some furniture to compensate for all the furnishings that were sold by Ienas. If the player is not a Curate, or they had killed Ienas instead of helping him in his related quest, the house will not be furnished, and will remain empty and derelict. Though that does not prevent you from squatting there...

8416H8z.pngThis mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the cell "Ald-Ruhn, Ienas Sarandas's House". It's also recommended to clear out the house of any junk you have in there if you were already squatting there to avoid any physical conflicts with new or removed furniture.


Unpack the .zip into your data files folder, or use a mod manger of your choice to install the mod. Once installed, enable the plugin in the Morrowind launcher or your mod manager.


Feel free to edit this mod as you like. I don't mind anyone editing and publishing the mod, just as long as it isn't a direct reupload of it.
Thanks to DarkElfGuy for featuring the mod in Morrowind Modding Showcase!

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