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Near Vanilla Road Sign Replacer


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Near Vanilla Road Sign Replacer


A mod for the few people who want to keep graphics as close to vanilla as possible, yet still don't like the illegible road signs that shipped with Morrowind GotY.
The Near Vanilla Roadsign Replacer keeps the original background texture and resolution, using the - pretty much identical to Morrowind's Magic Medieval - Pelagiad font, making for a nearly vanilla experience in all its 64x32 sized glory.

Included are versions for Morrowind GotY and GotY plus Tamriel_Data (which means the Morrowind Mainland and Cyrodiil). Together they replace the 213 different road signs currently used in the Morrowind worldspace.

Version 4.0 added a high-resolution option.

The sign background is based on Intelligent Textures, but should not look out of place with other high-res texture replacers that scale up to 4x vanilla resolution.

Note: the background textures in question (T_SMod_SignMwBackground_L.dds and T_SMod_SignMwBackground_R.dds in 01 Textures - High Resolution\textures\f) are relased under the GPL 3.0!


Version 4.0 allows you to switch out the background texture yourself without having to redo all the texts.

This was inspired by Swappable Texture Signposts by Stuporstar. Unfortunately, STS uses one wood texture for the entire sign, which did not work with the vanilla textures I wanted to use.

However, should anybody want to replace the background textures (T_SMod_Sign<X>Background_<X>.dds in textures\f), they are now free to use something that does not look out of place in their game.

Good luck!

  • The Cyrodiil background textures are based on Cyrodiil road sign textures of Tamriel_Data. Thanks to Infragris for giving me its source image.
  • The Pelagiad font was made by Isak Larborn.
  • The Tweaked Pelagiad font was made by akortunov.
  • The idea of making the background its own layer came from Stuporstar.
  • The Meshes were created by Wolli.
  • The high-res Morrowind background texture is based on Intelligent Textures by Remiros.


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