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Putting Power In Willpower 2


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Putting Power In Willpower 2

In the vanilla game, the Willpower attribute is described as "Affecting your ability to resist magic". However, due to a programming error, this resist factor only worked on effects with no magnitude, such as Paralysis and Silence. More on this here.

Since the only things Willpower factors in are your fatigue score (which is affected in the same way by a number of other attributes) and this resist mechanic, it made the stat pretty much useless.

This mod rebalances the willpower-based spell resist mechanic, giving all in-game actors, Player, NPCs and Creatures an ability to shrug off spells through the sheer force of will.
The resist bonus is affected by the difference in Caster and Target's Willpower score. If Target's Willpower is higher than that of Caster, Target will have higher Resistance to Caster's spells.

The full formula:
Resist Bonus = Resist Multiplier * ( ( Target's Fatigue Term * ( ( Target's Willpower - Caster's Willpower ) + 0.1 *  Target's Luck ) ) )
(FatigueTerm being a multiplier taking values from 0.75 to 1.25 depending on your fatigue percent)
(Resist Multiplier is configurable in the MCM menu)

Traps and enchantments have their own base "Willpower" valuable configurable in the mod's MCM menu.

By default this new Resist Bonus interacts multiplicatively with existing Resists.
To illustrate: if a character has 50% Resist Fire ability and their Willpower is 50 points higher than the enemy Caster, they would take 1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4 of the base damage from a Fireball.

Version 2.0 also introduces a new mechanic - "Damage Absorption". If Target's elemental resist value is higher than a certain threshold (200% by default, configurable in MCM), they start restoring health from damage spells of that element.
To illustrate: if a character has 275% Resist Fire ability and is hit by a Fireball, he'll get his health restored by 3/4 of Fireball's supposed damage.
Use "Putting Power in Willpower - Absorbonach.esp" included in this mod to make Atronach creatures absorb damage of their own element.


The latest MCP and MGE XE
The latest development version of MWSE 2.1

MWSE 2.1-dev requires MGE XE 0.10 or higher!


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