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An Abandoned Shack Expansion


This mod is a simple expansion of the vanilla cell 'An Abandoned Shack' southwest of Gnaar Mok. It expands the shack to roughly twice its original size, cleans up many of the messy statics (but not messy clutter, which the player may clean up themselves) and adjusts/expands upon the existing furnishings to fit the new space. Particular focus was spent on retaining the vanilla atmosphere of the shack, and preserving/accentuating the existing environmental story telling. In order to fit the newly expanded exterior, I also had to move two trees near the shack. As of version 2.00, OAAB_Data is required. I also recommend using Bitter Coast Sounds and Mistify for the best swamp experience. 

This mod is Compatible with both OpenMW and the vanilla engine
This mod does extensive edits to the interior cell "An Abandoned Shack" as well as minor edits to the exterior cell (-9, 2) which it connects to. Any other mod which does the same is likely to be incompatible. Other than that, there should be no compatibility issues.


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