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I Lava Good Mesh Replacer


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I Lava Good Mesh Replacer


This mod replaces all the lava meshes in the vanilla game. It addresses a couple prevalent issues with lava; namely seams between tiled lava squares and flickering steam. In addition to those fixes, you can also expect that this mesh is better optimized than vanilla by using less shapes and eliminating alpha blending. Finally, the mod adds performance friendly spark particles which peacefully float away from lava. If you find yourself mesmerized by the new lava effects, be careful not to fall in!



  • Removes alpha blending from lava meshes to eliminate flickering with effects like steam
  • Synchronizes tiled lava effects to reduce the occurrence of seams found in large lava pools
  • Adds spark particle effects to lava pools (LOD enabled to be performance friendly)
  • Texture replacer compatible (uses vanilla textures)



It might not look like it on the surface, but this mod requires MWSE to get the full functionality. Without MWSE, the molten layer of the lava will only have one UV animation. It won't break the mod, it just won't look as good.

The good news is that OpenMW can handle multiple UV animations at once by default. The bad news is that it is not handling the particles or collision of these meshes properly yet. I'm hopeful that the OpenMW will fix the issues so that this mod can be used by all players soon.


  • Known to work with Vurt's Lava and Craggy Lava
  • This will change the appearance of Dangerous Lava and Oil by Articus if installed afterwards. That mod uses a very different method for its lava meshes/textures. I do not recommend using these two mods together, but they may work OK.







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