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Legion Field Gear

This mod adds some extra Legion goodies for the roleplaying legionnaire wanting to add some flavour and immersion to their playthough, complete with automatic Ashfall compatibility.

Apart from weapons and armour, there is very little gear that the legion actually uses, when an army such as itself should be equiping its troops with useful and tools and equiptment. This mod adds two items to the game, a legion canteen and an entrenching tool so that the soldiers of the Legion have something to demonstrate they are an actual army and not some common mercenaries like the Fighters Guild.

You can find the gear throughout the Legion forts and installations, so you'll have no trouble finding it during the course of the Imperial Legion questline.
There are also rumours of a magical antique canteen brought back from a Legion campaign in Elsweyr. The owner of this canteen, a deserter legionnaire, seems to have lost it in his cave hideout, much to his displeasure...

While the items added don't have much use on their own, they do have automatic Ashfall compatibility. The entrenching tool can be used as a wood chopping axe, meaning it will chop wood without loosing as much durability as a normal axe, and the canteen can be used as a water bottle and keep your water ration safe and sound.

This mod will require OAAB Data as the canteen item has been added to it.

Future plans for this mod include adding more items to make the Legion feel more functional and immersive.
These items are also going to be part of my Legion expansion, coming out soon.

The only changes this mod makes to vanilla content is the placing of the items in interior cells belonging to the Legion. No changes were made to the layout of furniture or clutter.

If you want to follow development the mod, report any bugs or contribute to the my Legion expansion project, you can join my discord here.


cdskCLq.png     0HATAVu.png     tMZsTEN.png


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