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Sailen Player Home


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Sailen Player Home

A recently abandoned, vacant velothi home located down the road of Sailen, in the Sacred Lands Region.
Who lived there and what they did and why they left is unknown, but they are never coming back.


-lore friendly home


-empty containers

-shelves and tables

-a respawning supply chest similar to mage or fighters guild, but not too OP.

-key that teleports you to the interior when equipped.

Adjusted interior light settings
Added clutter to help appear hastily abandoned
Added more containers
Fixed owned light so no longer owned
Changed respawning supply chest to not respawn
  (Takes too long to respawn and now can use it for storage)
Added a library to one of the empty rooms, well book shelves and a desk 😛
Added bookshelf containers to library for my lazy ass. A bit moddy but eh works for me.
  (style mixed shelves a little because i wanted to use my assets but not lore breaking,
  and its not a TR interior so i can do what i want)



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