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BTB's Game Improvements - Necro Edit 2.0.15

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This is a modified version of BTB's Game ImprovementsAll modules except for the character module have been combined into a single plugin (BTB's race- and birthsign-related edits in the character module are in a separate plugin). BTB's edits that he included in his modified versions of Morrowind Advanced and Service Requirements have been incorporated. In addition, quite a number of changes have been made from the original BTBGI, and a number of new things have been added.
Introduction to BTBGI
BTB's Game Improvements is a massive game balance overhaul that touches on just about every aspect of Morrowind. Among its many changes are:
- Races and birthsigns are rebalanced so that each of them are uniquely useful, rather than some being ridiculously overpowered while others are worse than useless.
- Magic effects and spells are modified to provide a wider range of genuinely useful options while eliminating many exploits. Your starting spells are also generally more useful.
- Magic effect costs have been tweaked to balance their usefulness, both as spells and as potions.
- A number of effects have been disabled for spellmaking and enchanting, to prevent exploits.
- NPCs have quite a few new powerful spells to use against you.
- Ingredient values have been modified to reflect their rarity or difficulty in acquiring them.
- Ingredient effects have been rebalanced to make potion creation both more useful and more hazardous (due to negative effects being more common in created potions).
- The game's stock potions have been overhauled to make them all useful without being too overpowered, and to prevent certain exploits.
- Values of overpriced equipment have been drastically lowered.
- Equipment stats and especially enchantments have been painstakingly overhauled. No more is the game's equipment divided into a mountain of useless junk on the one hand and a few overpowered gems on the other hand.
- Many game settings have been modified to improve game balance or increase difficulty.
- Enchanted items will no longer regain charge over time, requiring the use of soulgems to recharge them.
- It's no longer possible to self-enchant items, or to make custom constant effect enchantments.
- Skill progression rates have been overhauled in many cases.
This is an extremely brief summary of BTBGI, and there are many more changes not mentioned here. I recommend checking out BTB's original documentation, included in the archive, and especially his excellent readme, for a lot more information about BTBGI, along with BTB's reasoning for many of his changes.
Changes from BTBGI
This section summarizes the more important changes compared to the original BTBGI. See changelog.txt in the archive for a detailed list of all changes from the original. Also see changes.txt for a full list of changes the mod makes to vanilla Morrowind.
First, four of the five modules of BTBGI - Spells, Alchemy, Equipment and Settings - have been combined into a single plugin, with a number of changes made to each, while the Character module is still a separate plugin (BTBGI Races and Birthsigns). Some of the important modifications to each module are listed below. (It's convenient to list changes by module even though the modules are mostly no longer separate.)
- The Level Up Birthsign Remover script was removed. This script removed the attribute-boosting birthsigns on sleeping and re-added them after, so that their bonuses to attributes would not count toward the attribute cap of 100. With the "attribute uncap" feature of Morrowind Code Patch, this is no longer necessary.

- The changes from the character module (race- and birthsign-related edits) are not in the main plugin, but in the BTBGI Races and Birthsigns plugin. This is so those using an alternate race and birthsign mod (like Balanced Passive Races and Birthsigns) can skip BTBGI's race and birthsign edits.
- BTB changed the magnitude of all Slowfall effects to 1, due to a bug in vanilla Morrowind that eliminated all falling damage even with only 1 magnitude. An MCP feature has since fixed this bug, which means a Slowfall magnitude of 1 is no longer useful.
All magnitudes of premade Slowfall spells have been increased to 20, which is enough to ensure no falling damage with the MCP feature applied. This also applies to potions and enchantments.
In addition, spellmaking and enchanting have been reenabled for the Slowfall effect. BTB disabled them to prevent you from creating super-cheap custom spells at magnitude 1, but that consideration no longer applies.
- Most Light effects were on target instead of on self, which is of very limited usefulness. Now most Light effects are on self. This also applies to a few enchantments.
- BTB drastically increased the weight of alchemy apparatus, with higher quality apparatus being heavier. I thought this discouraged the use of alchemy, so I partly reversed these changes. The weight of apprentice apparatus has been left as BTB set it (rather heavy), with weight now decreasing rather than increasing with higher quality.
- The apparatus rebalance has been extended to Secret Master's apparatus, in case you're using a mod that places them in the game.
- In vanilla, some ingredients have a harmful first effect. BTB made it so that all ingredients have a positive first effect. I thought this didn't make sense (and some ingredients, like Bungler's Bane, are supposed to be harmful if eaten raw), so I partly reverted this change.
Now, some ingredients have negative first effects again, as in vanilla. The list of effects has not been changed for any ingredient, only their order in some cases.
- BTB didn't touch the cursed varieties of ingredients, which made it easy to tell when an ingredient is cursed. Now cursed ingredients are identical to their regular counterparts. Certain unique ingredients have also been adjusted in line with changes made to the normal ingredients they're based on.

- BTB changed the Fortify Fatigue potions to Resist Normal Weapons, to prevent an exploit involving using Fortify Fatigue to boost your fatigue ratio above 1.0. There's now an MWSE mod, Fortify MAX, which causes Fortify Fatigue to affect max as well as current fatigue, rendering this exploit no longer possible. Therefore, these potions have been changed back to Fortify Fatigue, with magnitudes and durations the same as the Fortify Health potions.
- A lot of high-end equipment is insanely overpriced in vanilla. BTB drastically reduced the values of a lot of this stuff, but some items were still worth too much. This is particularly notable with glass equipment, which is the highest quality stuff available for purchase.
BTB couldn't reduce glass equipment values too much because then it would be too cheap to buy. The result is that glass armor was a lot more expensive than daedric with BTBGI. My solution is to make unenchanted glass equipment no longer available for purchase, then tank the values.
The values of base (unenchanted) glass equipment have been significantly lowered. Some other equipment (like adamantium, dreugh, and some of the Bloodmoon stuff) has also seen value reductions.
- To go along with the above change, glass equipment is no longer available for purchase. Glass stuff for sale has been replaced with lower-quality equipment. This mainly affects a shop at Ghostgate, but also affects a Mournhold shop, plus three shops throughout Vvardenfell that sold Glass Daggers. This applies only to unenchanted equipment; enchanted glass stuff for sale has not been touched.
Note that there is a conflict with Patch for Purists here. PFP deletes a pair of Glass Bracers from Mournhold, Armory and replaces them with a new pair, and I can't touch PFP's new bracers without requiring PFP. Therefore, a patch plugin is included in the archive that deletes PFP's new bracers from that cell so they won't overlap with their replacements made by the main plugin.
Also, these changes make Glass Claymores and Bracers extremely rare, so one of each has been placed in the game.
- Enchant capacities, which BTB didn't touch, have been overhauled for consistency and balance. The mod basically includes my Enchant Capacity Rebalance mod. Changes are generally modest, and are within vanilla ranges for the most part. Enchant values for weapons, armor and clothing have been modified. See the documentation for details.

- BTB increased the gold values of many unenchanted weapons, but the generic enchanted weapons based on them were largely untouched. Gold values for many generic enchanted weapons have been increased for consistency (so they'll be more valuable than their unenchanted counterparts).
- A few changes have been made to the "ignores resist" weapon flag. A few weapons have seen the flag removed, either for consistency or because they really shouldn't have it. (Use the MWSE-lua mod Enchanted Weapon Resistance for additional consistency changes to this flag.)
In addition, a number of weapons that wrongly did not have the flag set now do, notably adamantium weapons.
- A number of weapons made of silver did not have the "silver weapon" flag set. This flag is responsible for silver weapons doing double damage to werewolves. All such weapons now have the flag set. One weapon that wrongly had the flag set now no longer does.
- BTB reduced the amount the Mournhold Museum of Artifacts will pay for artifacts in line with their new values, but missed two of them. This oversight has now been rectified.
Also, the bounty received when talking to Torasa Aram about an artifact after having stolen it from the museum is now ten times the (new) base value of the artifact, across the board.
- Certain cursed or unique varities of equipment have been made identical to their regular counterparts. Also, two "uncursed" varieties of weapons added by PFP have been incorporated with their stats changed to match the regular versions of those weapons, so PFP users will no longer find the uncursed varieties to have different stats.
- A couple items with drain/damage enchantments that made absolutely no sense have been fixed. This includes Slave Bracers and Elvul's Black Blindfold.
- BTB placed the weapon Wings of the Bat Queen in the game, but the place where he put it didn't make a lot of sense. It's been moved to a more appropriate location.

- BTB removed or nerfed a few Chameleon enchantments, to prevent exploits. One of the Chameleon enchantments he changed to a different effect was the Ring of Surroundings, which caused Larrius Varro's dialogue about it being useful for sneaking around to no longer be accurate. The Ring now has a Chameleon enchantment again, though less powerful than in vanilla (and it reuses an enchantment from another item to prevent them from being stacked).
- BTB made a number of edits for the purpose of preventing resting outside in the wilderness. To this end, he edited every exterior cell in the game in which resting was legal to make it illegal. He also edited five rest-related GMSTs to make it basically impossible to rest outside for any length of time even if you found a cell in which it was legal.
However, there are now two MWSE mods (Limited Resting, Waiting and Regen, and No Rest Without Beds) that do basically the same thing in a much cleaner way via lua. Therefore, the edits to all exterior cells have been removed from the plugin, along with the references to those five GMSTs.
- BTB changed the governing attributes of two skills: acrobatics and hand-to-hand. I didn't care for these changes, plus I use a leveling mod that transforms the leveling system in such a way as to make governing attributes less relevant. These changes have been removed from the plugin.
- BTB changed the skill progression rates for alchemy, reducing progress gained by creating potions and increasing progress gained by eating ingredients. This change has been reversed and then some, because I don't think eating a flower should make you better at alchemy.
Progress for making potions is now higher than in vanilla, while no progress toward the alchemy skill will be gained by eating ingredients.
- A few GMST edits have been added that make it harder to successfully bribe NPCs. In addition, a successful barter will no longer increase the merchant's disposition.
- BTB intended to prevent all natural growth of misc skills, but in fact misc skill growth was only substantially slowed. It's actually not possible to stop it entirely with a plugin, due to the way the formula works, but misc skill progression has now been slowed even more, to the point that noticeable growth should no longer occur.

- BTB also intended to make self-enchanting (creating new enchanted items yourself rather than paying an enchanter for the service) impossible, but it was only made substantially more difficult - self-enchanting was still possible with high enchant skill. It has now been made well and truly impossible.
- BTB tweaked a couple of the GMSTs that determine the attribute multipliers gained on levelup, for a more steady progression from x2 to x5. These multipliers have now been made x3 across the board, as long as you gain at one point in a skill governed by that attribute. This was done to take the tedium and minmaxing out of leveling, without being too overpowered. (Note that if you're using a mod like CCCP that overhauls the leveling system, this change won't matter because those multipliers won't be used.)
- BTB added restocking filled soulgems to certain merchants, but he had to use a rather convoluted method to do so. These new filled soulgems and the associated script have been removed. Instead, the relevant merchants now sell restocking Soul Trap scrolls, so those not skilled in Mysticism can fill their own soulgems. (The restocking empty soulgems BTB added to merchants have not been touched.)
- Rolled Paper (which with BTBGI has a drastically increased enchant capacity) has been added to various merchants, for use in creating scrolls through enchanting (which is cheaper than regular item enchanting due to a GMST edit and an MCP feature).
Diseases / Daedric Drops
In addition to the revised BTBGI modules, there have been several other additions to the mod. BTB's modifications related to diseases and daedric drops that he added to his edited version of Morrowind Advanced have been incorporated, with the following changes:
- BTB removed "Diseased" and "Blighted" from the names of diseased/blighted creatures. These changes have been reversed, because there's an MWSE mod called No Disease Labels that does the same thing and is more thorough.
- Among BTB's modifications to disease dialogues were a few changes that were made on the assumption that the player is using a state-based health mod. Those particular changes have been reversed, so the dialogue will be correct regardless of whether you're using such a mod.
- The changes to daedric drops (done so you won't end up being up to your eyeballs in daedric equipment dropped by certain creatures) are now identical to those in There Can Be Only One, for compatibility with that mod. This doesn't make much functional difference, except for the addition of a few creatures that BTB missed.
Finally, BTB's faction edits that he included in his modified version of Service Requirements have been incorporated. These include changes to attribute and skill requirements, along with favored attributes/skills. No changes have been made on top of BTB's edits here.

Creature Buffs
A separate add-on plugin has been included that incorporates Morrowind Advanced's buffs to many vanilla creatures, along with buffs to quite a number of additional creatures in line with MWA's changes. See the documentation for details.
"Alternate" Plugins
Two changes made in BTBGI were controversial enough that BTB created "alternate" versions of two of his modules omitting those changes.
First, BTBGI transformed the Khajiit Eye of Night spell into a permanent ability. Some people didn't like the resulting permanent Night-Eye effect, so BTB made an alternate version of his Character module that omitted that change, leaving Eye of Night a spell as in vanilla.
Second, the Settings module slowed down the growth of major, minor and misc skills, with misc skill growth stopped entirely (or at least that was the intent). This change was very controversial, so the alternate version of the Settings module omitted the major/minor/misc skill growth rate changes.
Both of these changes are found in this version of BTBGI, but no "alternate" plugins are included. The reason for this is that I want to minimize the number of plugins I have to maintain.
However, if you really don't like one or both of these changes and preferred BTB's alternate plugins, it's pretty easy to remove them from the mod yourself with Enchanted Editor or TESAME.
If you don't like the Khajiit's permanent Night-Eye, open up the Races and Birthsigns plugin in EE/TESAME and delete the reference to the spell "eye of night". If you don't like BTB's changes to skill growth, then, in the main plugin, delete the references to the GMSTs fMajorSkillBonus, fMinorSkillBonus and fMiscSkillBonus.
Extra Stuff
The original BTBGI archive also includes a directory of "extra stuff," compatibility versions of various mods such as Better Clothes and CanadianIce Robe Replacer. These compatibility versions are not included here, since they're really not necessary. Just use tes3merge to resolve any conflicts.
However, there is one exception: Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer Expanded. If you want to use that mod, you'll want to also download the original BTBGI archive and use BTB's compatibility version of it, which includes BTB's rebalance of DBARE's new equipment. (I recommend using Dark Brotherhood Armor Replacer instead, which does not include new equipment.)
This mod requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and the PFP patch requires Patch for Purists. (The Races and Birthsigns add-on requires only Morrowind.)
Nothing else is technically required, but a number of changes made in this mod compared to the original BTBGI (in addition to a number of changes made by BTB in the original) are made assuming the use of certain other mods, especially certain MCP patches. See below for details.

The optional "Rational Names Addendum" sub-package requires Rational Names, which itself requires MGE XE and the latest version of MWSE 2.1. Just install MGE XE and run MWSE-Update.exe to download the latest build.
Compatibility and Load Order
This mod touches many aspects of the game, and so has a relatively high potential for conflicts. Using tes3merge will resolve many conflicts.
Specific notes regarding conflicts and load order follow.

- The Races and Birthsigns add-on can be loaded either before or after the main plugin.

- If you're using the "Creature Buffs" add-on, it must load after the main plugin.

- The "BTBGI PFP Patch" plugin must also load after the main plugin.
- Mort's rebalance mods (Tribunal Rebalance, Bloodmoon Rebalance, Beware the Sixth House😞 There are a few conflicts with these mods, but the conflicts are relatively minor. Specifically there are conflicts regarding Dark Brotherhood, Goblin and Riekling equipment, and with certain Sixth House creatures.
It's best to load Mort's rebalance mods after BTBGI, and to use tes3merge.
- Morrowind Anti-Cheese: Use Lucas' edited version instead of the original, and load it right after BTBGI and its patches.
- More Deadly Morrowind Denizens: The main plugin has no conflicts with BTBGI, though there are a few conflicts with There Can Be Only One. The creatures addon does have a few minor conflicts with BTBGI.

I suggest having both plugins load before BTBGI (and before There Can Be Only One if you're using it), and using tes3merge.
- There Can Be Only One: There are a few conflicts with both BTBGI and MDMD. This mod should load before BTBGI but after MDMD.
- Expansions Integrated: There's a minor conflict with the Blood Axe enchantment. There are also conflicts with MDMD and There Can Be Only One. Load this before BTBGI, MDMD and TCBOO.

There are also a number of patches available for the above mods with BTBGI (and with each other), as part of "Lucas' Misc Mods and Patches." Note that there's also a patch for There Can Be Only One and Expansions Integrated missing from that page; it can be found here.
If you're using all of the above mods, with patches, the suggested load order is as follows:
Expansions Integrated
More Deadly Morrowind Denizens
MDMD - Creatures Addon
MDMD Expansions Integrated Patch
There Can Be Only One
TCBOO Expansions Integrated Patch
BTB's Game Improvements (Necro Edit)
BTBGI MDMD Creatures Patch
Morrowind Anti-Cheese (Lucas' BTBGI compatible version)
Tribunal Rebalance
Bloodmoon Rebalance
Beware the Sixth House
And don't forget to use tes3merge.

While tes3merge will solve the vast majority of conflicts, it probably won't handle everything perfectly. Using the relevant patches from Lucas' Misc Mods and Patches should solve many problems.

- Tamriel Rebuilt: I don't recommend using BTBGI and TR together, since TR's new content is designed with vanilla game balance in mind (which BTBGI tries to move away from). However, if you do want to use both, there is one potential conflict to be aware of.
There's a conflict with TR_Factions, but there's a patch for that in Alvazir's Various Patches.

- Rational Names: As of BTBGI version 2.0.3, the mod is fully compatible; just install the included MWSE mod to update Rational Names' base names for BTBGI.
There are quite a few mods that I highly recommend for use with this version of BTBGI. This section is basically a miniature mod list.

I'll start off with a few mods that I very strongly recommend. Changes made by BTB, or by me in this version, basically assume the use of some of these mods, so use them.
1. Morrowind Code Patch (Beta😞 Everybody who plays the vanilla Morrowind engine (i.e. not OpenMW) should be using MCP anyway, but there are a number of patches in MCP that are basically essential with this mod.

- Slowfall overhaul: Fixes a bug where 1 point of Slowfall effect would be enough to eliminate all falling damage, plus fixes a couple other problematic aspects of the Slowfall effect.
The changes to Slowfall effects in this version of BTBGI assume the use of this feature. Without it, you could make extremely cheap and perfectly effective custom Slowfall spells.
- Enchanted item cooldown: Not using this feature is highly unbalanced; without it, you can achieve insane DPS with offensive cast on use enchantments.
- Enchanted item rebalance: So you won't have an insane number of charges at high enchant skill.
- Item recharging rebalance: Makes recharging items with soulgems a more viable option for all character types. This is especially important since BTBGI stops enchanted items from regaining charge over time, requiring the use of soulgems to recharge them.
- Soulgem value rebalance: To avoid ridiculously overvalued soulgems when filled with good souls.
- Attribute uncap: This version of BTBGI removes the LUBR script that previously allowed birthsign bonuses to help an attribute exceed the cap of 100. This change is made assuming the use of this feature; without this feature, birthsign attribute bonuses would ultimately be wasted.
- Allow scroll enchant price modifier: This feature, in combination with a GMST edit made by this mod, allows scrolls to be enchanted at a much lower cost than regular items (since scrolls can only be used once). Without this patch, a few changes made by BTBGI to encourage creating scrolls would be rendered basically useless.

2. Patch for Purists: As always, PFP is highly recommended. All PFP fixes to relevant objects have been painstakingly incorporated into the mod, except where they're intentionally overridden.
A patch plugin for PFP is included with this mod, to address an issue with the way PFP handles the Glass Bracers in Mournhold, Armory, and to pull forward a few additional fixes that required a patch.

3. Fortify MAX: Makes Fortify Magicka and Fortify Fatigue affect the maximum as well as the current stat, and is basically essential with this mod. This version of BTBGI restores Fortify Fatigue potions that BTB removed; without Fortify MAX, these potions could be used for a significant exploit.
Fortify MAX also makes a couple constant effect Fortify Magicka enchantments in this mod actually useful.

4. Economy Adjuster Crime - Necro Edit: This one is very highly recommended. The penalties for crime are piddling in vanilla Morrowind. You can murder a shopkeeper, pay the small fine, then take all his stuff to sell to the next shop over. This mod significantly increases the penalties for crime. Crime no longer pays (unless you get away with it, of course).

5. HardTrade: Also highly recommended. Makes merchants iron-fisted traders who are almost impossible to exploit the way you can in vanilla Morrowind, by buying for more than you sell for to clean them out. This mod really reduces your ability to become filthy rich by exploiting the economy.

6. Limited Resting, Waiting and Regen, or No Rest Without Beds: Strongly recommended. Either of these mods will prevent you from resting unless you're using a bed. A bunch of edits in the original BTBGI were removed assuming the use of one of these mods.

7. Enchanted Weapon Resistance: Makes the "ignores resist" flag of enchanted weapons (including ammunition) match their unenchanted counterparts; mostly this removes the flag from a bunch of low-end enchanted weapons (made of materials of lower quality than silver). Many similar edits were removed from the BTBGI plugin assuming the use of this mod.

8. No Disease Labels: Removes terms like "Diseased" or "Blighted" from the names of creatures, so you'll no longer know in advance that a creature is diseased. Similar (though less thorough) changes were removed from BTBGI assuming the use of this mod.


Beyond the above, there are quite a few additional mods with game balance or difficulty effects that I recommend using with BTBGI:

9. Morrowind Code Patch again:
- Pickpocket overhaul: Balances the pickpocket mechanic to not be incredibly stupid.
- Healthy appetite: Makes it so that eating ingredients never fails. A huge realism improvement. This works well with changes made to Alchemy skill progression, where eating ingredients no longer grants any skill gain. Also see Controlled Consumption below, which I very highly recommend if you use this feature.
- Two-handed weapon removes shield: So you can't benefit from a shield's enchantment while equipping a two-handed weapon.
- Alchemy potion weight rebalance: So you can't easily make 0.1 weight potions.
- Enchanting increases item value: This is okay since you have to pay to enchant items with BTBGI anyway.
- Arrow enchanting: Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to make use of the tweaks to projectile enchant capacities included in this mod.
- Fortify maximum health: Otherwise Fortify Health is completely useless.
- Exhaust NPCs with Damage Fatigue: Makes this effect more useful.
- Strength-based hand to hand damage: Makes hand-to-hand combat more viable, especially with high strength, which enhances the utility of some races' hand- to-hand skill bonuses.
- Spellmaker area effect cost: Makes the magicka cost of adding an area effect to a custom spell depend on the spell magnitude, increasing the cost of large area effects.
- Spellmaking matches editor: Fixes a bug that caused custom spells to cost more magicka than they should.
- Permanent barter disposition changes: With this version of BTBGI, successful barters will no longer increase merchant disposition, but a failed haggle will still lower it. With this feature, such decreases are permanent. Merchants are hard to please but easy to make angry.
- Detect life spell variant: Gives the Detect Animal spell effect the ability to also detect NPCs (without this patch, it can only detect creatures). This makes this effect much more useful. BTBGI renames the Detect Creatures spell "Detect Life" assuming the use of this patch.
- Hidden traps: This feature is required by one of my other recommendations, so go ahead and enable this if you plan to use Locks and Traps Detection. (If you don't plan on using that mod for some reason, then I wouldn't recommend this patch.)
- Hidden locks: Also required by Locks and Traps Detection (without which I would not recommend this patch).
- Skill uncap: This one is a matter of personal preference, but I like it, especially if using CCCP.

- Weapon resistance change: A mod I highly recommend, Enchanted Weapon Resistance, requires this feature to work properly.
- Level-up skills tooltip: Recommended especially if you use CCCP; it will cause that mod to display more useful information.
- Mercantile fix: MCP's description does not fully explain what this feature does. This feature has the effect of making it significantly more difficult to exploit merchants. See the readme of my edited version of Economy Adjuster for more details about this. I highly recommend this feature to help balance the economy (though with HardTrade it doesn't really matter because HardTrade totally overrides merchant prices).
- Unarmored fix: Allows the unarmored skill to be effective when you're fully unarmored. This works well with this mod's increase in the effectiveness of the unarmored skill.
- Reflected spells fix: This is more of a gameplay change than a bugfix. With this feature enabled, when an absorb spell is reflected, the effect is reversed. In other words, cast Absorb Health on an enemy with reflect and the enemy will absorb health from you instead.
Note: Do NOT use the "NPC AI casts zero cost powers" MCP feature with this mod, unless you really enjoy dying.
10. Area Effect Arrows Integrated: Adds the area effect arrows from the official plugin to Vvardenfell, without being confined to a single shop. Included is an integrated version of Area Effect Projectiles, which is BTB's edited version of AEA with various balance improvements.

11. Expansions Integrated: Adds some of the content from Tribunal and Bloodmoon (creatures, equipment) to Vvardenfell. Liches and Durzogs and Bears, oh my!

Alternatively, you can use Adamantium Armor Integrated, which adds only adamantium armor to Vvardenfell, without any other expansion content. (However, I do NOT recommend using the official plugin Adamantium Armor, which makes the armor available for purchase. This would not work well with this mod's significant reduction to the value of the armor.)
12. Enhanced Detection Lite: Adds a visual effect on screen when under a Detect Animal/Key/Enchantment effect, instead of just circles on the local map. This makes those effects more useful, not to mention more awesome. This is basically needed if you use Map and Compass, which disables the local map.

I actually recommend using the "Less Lite" version, especially if you use Locks and Traps Detection and/or Map and Compass. Note that the Less Lite version requires Magicka Expanded, while the Lite version does not.
13. Let There Be Darkness: A good lighting overhaul not only makes the game look much better generally and makes lighting much more realistic, but it's also essential for making the Night-Eye effect at all useful. With vanilla lighting, there are very few circumstances in which you would need Night-Eye, which would render the Khajiit's constant Night-Eye mostly useless.
14. True Lights and Darkness - Necro Edit: I suggest using this along with LTBD for lighting. I use the MWSE lighting overrides in TLAD Necro Edit, along with the interior daylight.
15. Class-Conscious Character Progression: A leveling mod that radically overhauls the game's leveling system.
CCCP also includes a state-based health feature, which makes the endurance attribute much more useful (and Drain Endurance effects more dangerous). If you don't use CCCP, I suggest using another mod that implements a state-based health system, like MWSE State-Based Health.
16. Quest Skill Reward Fix: Highly recommended if you use CCCP, because it allows that mod to detect certain scripted skill increases it wouldn't otherwise.
17. Magicka Based Skill Progression: Makes progression in the magic skills depend on how much magicka is expended. This is a definite improvement, but I recommend lowering the progress per magicka point in the MCM; the default value of 0.2 is too high. I use 0.067 myself, though you can use 0.1 if you find that too slow.

18. Nimble Armor: Unarmored skill now contributes to your evasion rating rather than armor rating (you avoid attacks with it rather than reduce their damage).
Not only is this nifty, but it also completely avoids the problem of, to use BTB's phrasing, "funny naked people," where NPCs who should be wearing armor go around naked instead because BTBGI increases the effectiveness of the unarmored skill. With Nimble Armor, NPCs will always wear armor if they have it.
19. The Publicans: Gives you more places where you can rent a bed. This is important if you're using Limited Resting, Waiting and Regen, or No Rest Without Beds (highly recommended).
20. Cinia: Adds the medium armor master trainer to the game.
21. Lua Lockbashing: Gives combat-focused characters an option for opening locked containers.
22. Hold Your Breath: Makes the length of time you can hold your breath underwater vary depending on your endurance.
23. Creeping Blight: Implements the possibility of blight storms outside of Red Mountain before the main quest is complete. Works very well with Blighted Blight. Use the MWSE version.

24. Better Character Classes: Rebalances the default classes, turning them into options that a reasonable person might actually choose rather than always creating a custom class. Note that this can exacerbate the "funny naked people" problem, but if you're using Nimble Armor that's a non-issue.
25. Balanced Passive Races and Birthsigns: This one is a matter of personal preference. It's a modified version of the original BTBGI's Character module, with all once-a-day powers replaced with permanent abilities. If you want to use it, then skip the Races and Birthsigns add-on in the BTBGI archive.
26. Service Requirements Lore: In general, makes merchants in factions refuse to serve you unless you're at least the same rank as them. There are a number of exceptions where it makes sense. I suggest using Lucas' edited version.
BTB's edited version of Service Requirements is no longer needed, as BTB's faction edits have been incorporated into this mod.
27. Ownership Overhaul: Makes lots and lots of stuff that should be owned actually owned, so you'll have to actually be sneaky if you want to make off with it. Use the .esm version.
28. Equipment Requirements: I highly recommend using my edited version, which is packaged along with Clothing Requirements (though I don't recommend actually using Clothing Requirements). Weapons and armor now have skill requirements to use. Now you can no longer go out and grab top-tier stuff at the beginning of the game just because you know where it is.

29. Armor Rating: Changes how armor rating is calculated. Armor provides more protection than vanilla at low skill, and less protection than vanilla at high skill. The difference between 5 and 100 armor skill is 2x AR, as opposed to 20x in vanilla.
30. Sneaky Strike: Makes the sneak attack multiplier depend on the type of weapon you're holding, with faster weapons like daggers having higher multipliers. You'll also need to edit the config file, which can be found at MWSE\config\sneakyStrike.json, to change the coefShift setting from 3 to 1.5, in order to ensure a reasonable multiplier range (1.0 for very slow weapons, up to 4.75 for very fast weapons).
31. Locks and Traps Detection: Makes whether or not you can detect a trap (and how much information you can see about a lock) depend on your security skill, among other things. A great improvement over the vanilla mechanic. This makes racial bonuses to security even more useful.

32. Stealth Improved: A great balance tweak to the sneak mechanic. In particular, Chameleon and Invisibility no longer guarantee that you will not be detected.
33. Controlled Consumption (MMC Edit): Use the "Vanilla NPC Style (Necro Edit)" module, which implements a five-second cooldown between drinking potions or eating ingredients. This is a significant balance improvement; you can no longer become stronger than god by chugging 20 Fortify Strength potions at once. It's also pretty much essential with MCP's Healthy Appetite feature, which makes eating ingredients never fail.
34. MAB0's Manipulated: Can be used to make certain manipulative spell effects, most importantly Frenzy Humanoid, a crime. No longer can you use a spell to force a friendly NPC to attack you in front of witnesses with no consequences. This requires MAB0's Foundations.
35. DragonDoor: Hostile NPCs will now follow you through loading doors, and can also summon other NPCs in the same cell for help depending on how the mod is configured (the latter feature might be too intense).

36. Dungeons Rest: Enemies are fully restored if you leave their dungeon and then return. Prevents you from wearing them down a bit at a time and resting in between.
37. Limited Leaping: Allows you to set restrictions on jumping so you can't just bunny-hop indefinitely. I suggest setting the cooldown time to one second (the minimum without disabling the cooldown requirement altogether), and the minimum fatigue requirement equal to the fatigue cost of jumping, which is 20 with BTBGI (possibly as high as 35 with Alvazir's More Meaningful Encumbrance Tweak, for which see below).
38. Blighted Blight: Restores the possibility of catching blight diseases when out in a blight storm. Works very well with Creeping Blight.
39. There Can Be Only One: Daedric equipment is now unique; there is only one of each piece in the entire game.
40. Map and Compass: Disables the world map and local map (and the minimap) and replaces them with a static paper map (and you can choose which one(s) to use). Allows you to get genuinely lost and greatly enhances roleplay and exploration.
41. Map Replacements: A set of alternative maps for Map and Compass that I very much prefer.
42. Morrowind Anti-Cheese: Makes a number of additional game balance changes. Use Lucas' edited version, and make sure it loads right after BTBGI and its patches.
43. Tribunal Rebalance: Rebalances the Tribunal expansion content as though it had been created at the same time as the main Morrowind content.
44. Bloodmoon Rebalance: Does the same for the Bloodmoon content.
45. Beware the Sixth House: Makes Sixth House enemies truly fearsome, worthy of being called endgame bosses.
46. More Deadly Morrowind Denizens: Most enemy NPCs in vanilla Morrowind are easy and boring, with the same old useless spells and the same old ho-hum equipment. Not anymore.

47. Lucas' Misc Mods and Patches: Contains patches for a few of the above mods, in particular MDMD.

48. Lucas' BTBGI Patches: Contains more BTBGI patches, along with Lucas' modified version of BTBGI for those who prefer it. Use the Equipment Patch if you're using any of the affected mods.
49. Alvazir's Various Patches: Contains even more BTBGI patches and various tweaks. In particular the More Meaningful Encumbrance tweak (in the BTBGI patch archive) is worth considering - it provides an incentive to watch what you're carrying and avoid loading up unnecessarily. There are also "No MWSE" plugins for OpenMW users.
Feel free to contact me on Moddinghall or the Nexus with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.

Edited by Necrolesian

What's New in Version 2.0.15   See changelog


- More weapon gold value consistency edits: increased value of Iron Longsword, Steel Axe, Steel Spear, and many enchanted/derivative weapons.
- Fixed the mesh/icon assigned to the Steel Stormsword.

There are two sub-packages in the archive. All users should install one or more of the plugins in the "Core" sub-package. Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just copy the plugin(s) of your choice to your Data Files directory and select them in the Morrowind Launcher.

In addition to the main plugin, there's a Races and Birthsigns plugin that contains BTBGI's race- and birthsign-related edits. If you're using Balanced Passive Races and Birthsigns or another race and birthsign mod, or if you just don't want those changes for some reason, then skip the Races and Birthsigns add-on; otherwise, use both the main plugin and the Races and Birthsigns plugin. (The Races and Birthsigns plugin could be used on its own if desired.)
The "Creature Buffs" plugin makes many vanilla creatures stronger, and can be used alongside either version of the main plugin if you wish. Don't use it on its own, as it refers to spells added by the main plugin.
If you're using Patch for Purists, which you really should be, enable the "BTBGI PFP Patch" plugin, to fix an issue with PFP adding new Glass Bracers to a particular cell, and to carry forward a few other PFP fixes that couldn't be included in the main plugin without requiring PFP. The patch must load after BTBGI.

The second sub-package, "Rational Names Addendum", is for users of Rational Names. That mod previously would cause the names of certain potions to be inaccurate with BTBGI; this sub-package fixes that issue. Use a mod manager or just copy the MWSE directory to your Data Files directory.

This version of BTB's Game Improvements would obviously not exist without BTB and the enormous amount of work he put into the original.
Morrowind Advanced was created by WormGod. Some of MWA's buffs to vanilla creatures are included in a separate plugin, plus additional edits inspired by MWA's buffs.
You can use this however you want, as long as you credit BTB.


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