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Big new landmasses, compilations of content, and a bigger world to discover.

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  1. OAAB Dwemer Pavements

    OAAB Dwemer Pavements

    In the vanilla game, many of the dwemer ruins use regular cobblestone land textures in their exteriors. For most of them, this doesn't stand out too much. A major exception being of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz in the West Gash which uses the same very polished cobblestone texture as is used in Balmora, High Town (where the manors are located). Did House Hlaalu come and pave the exterior of this isolated ruin? That doesn't make any sense. So I decided that it would be better for dwemer ruins to have their own pavement texture outside of their entrances. This mod replaces the cobblestone textures outside of all Vvardenfell-based dwemer ruins with a new texture. In addition to the texture swap, I also made a "road edge" mesh which helps blend this new pavement into the ruins and the surrounding landscape.

    Some of my reasoning for making this mod is that the designer who used that cobblestone texture outside of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz clearly wanted to show that it was stone bricks on the ground outside of the ruin, but didn't have the texture asset available to properly visualize that intention. So I tried to create what I thought a dedicated cobblestone/pavement texture may have looked for the dwemer set.

    This mod edits the exterior of most dwemer ruins. Therefore it has the potential to conflict with mods which do the same. With that said, my edits are very minimal. I do not change the landscape shape (but I do change landscape textures), and my mesh additions are relatively minimal. But if a mod makes drastic changes to the exterior, then it could definitely conflict. I would appreciate players notify me if anything is found and I may be able to create patches.


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  2. MWSE FAST 2

    MWSE F.A.S.T.
    version 2.0
    Fatigued Actor Speed Truncating
    A MWSE TES3:Morrowind mod
    by Stripes
    Requires MWSE
    What it does:
    increases and decreases all actor speeds by fatigue ratio
    What that means:
    All NPC's, Creatures, and the Player will move faster at full fatigue and slower as their fatigue drains.
    Won't that break the game?
    Probably, I mean it's far from not broken already 😉
    But not to worry, I put in a debuff cap at -50% so no one's speed is reduced to 0
    Inspired by my MWscript mod F.A.S.T. (Fatigued Athletic Speed Tiers)

    version 2
    refactored code to Juidius Xentao77's specifications.
    It is now how the mod should have been imho
    actors above 75% fatigue will move faster up to 125%
    actors below 50% fatigue will move slower down to 50% speed at 0 fatigue
    actors between 50% and 75% fatigue move at 100% speed (normal game speed)


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  3. Shrine of Azura

    "Azura is the Anticipation of Sotha Sil, but female to his male. Azura was the ancestor who taught the Chimer how to be different from the Altmer. Her teachings are sometimes attributed to Boethiah. In the stories, Azura is often encountered more as a communal progenitor of the race as a whole rather than as an individual ancestor. She is associated with Dusk and Dawn, and is sometimes called the Mother Soul. Azura's Star, also called the Twilight Star, appears briefly at dawn and dusk low on the horizon below the constellation of the Steed. Azura is associated with mystery and magic, fate and prophecy"      The Shrine to Azura in vanilla Morrowind was sparse and dull. If it wasn't for the fact that the statue inside gave you a quest, it probably would be regarded as an insignificant structure. This mod adds some worshipers and other NPCs to make the shrine feel more like a real place of worship.

    This mod adds some NPCs and a small dock to the shrine. To get to the shrine, the monk outside Holamayan Monastery can ferry you over there for a small fee. The fisherman at the shrine can send you to some nearby settlements, which is handy if you are lost in the middle of the Azura's coast region. The outside of the shrine itself is altered slightly to make the path actually reach the shrine entrance, and with some decoration and lights.
    The inside of the shrine contains a few pilgrims who will remark on whatever exploits you've gotten up to. The priestess also provides some services to the player, and can give them some input on Azura's quest.

    This mod isn't compatible with any mods that alter the exterior or interior of the Shrine of Azura in the Azura's Coast Region  



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  4. Addamasartus Overhaul

    This is an Overhaul of a dungeon/cave which the player will normally encounter first as its near seyda neen and is home to some smugglers. 
    North of Seyda Neen Before you get to the silt strider. 


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  5. Ashes of the Sharmat Modpack (TES3MP)

    This is the esp used on my tes3mp server Ashes of the Sharmat (https://discord.gg/dQbsVGJqzx) consisting of many merged mods from around the community. 
    I DO NOT recommend using this unless playing on my server because it is a complete overhaul that is certain to conflict with most other mods.


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  6. Starwind Remastered

    Starwind Remastered is a total conversion mod that brings the Morrowind engine into the universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic and takes place during the events of Knights of the Old Republic.
    Please report bugs, suggestions, ideas, requests and complaints to the Starwind Discord server.
    Current Features:
    New Playable Races Arkanian, Gungan, Tarisian, Chagrian, Chiss, Duros, Droid, Gammorean, Gran, Twi’lek, Coruscanti, Ithorian, Jawa, Kel Dor, Cathar, Miraluka, Mon Calamari, Nautolan, Mandalorian, Rodian, Lothalite, Sand Person, Selkath, Togruta, Wookie, and Zabrak. Each along with their own racial attributes, powers and abilities.
      New Enemies And, NPC Races such as; Droids of various kinds, Firaxian Sharks, Can-Cells, and more.
      Over 70 New Weapons Including; Blasters, Grenades, Vibroblades, Double-bladed Vibroblades, Staffs, Blaster Pistols, Lightsabers and more. Tons of new armors and clothing tiered along with their relevant weapon sets.
      New Massive Lands Journey across the dune sea of Tatooine, through the multiple jungle levels of Kashyyyk, the beautiful Ahto City and vast ocean of Manaan, the bustling metropolis of Nar Shaddaa, the dangers of Korriban, the peacefulness of Dantooine, and the Civil Unrest in Serenno.
      Travel Through Space Buy a Starship and venture into space, traveling to the planets in your own ship, fighting pirates, looting cargo, mining asteroids and comets, or exploring areas only accessible by space travel!
      New Minigames Race through the multiple obstacle course challenges testing your characters skills and attributes as well as your ability to manuever through dangerous and moving obstacles. Playable Pazaak, Chance Dice, and a version of Dejarik, all interactible cantina minigames! New Main Storyline; Delve into a brand new lore-friendly storyline set in the same hours as Revan and his crew make their journey to find the star forges, you and your crew embark on a mission to find the source of the dangerous Terentateks.
      Mounts Race around with numerous different Speeders, ride on the back of a Dewback or Bantha, or glide around on a monstrous Can-Cell.
      113 New Quests! Many with multiple endings, different rewards, and routes that lead to entirely different cells and dungeons, meaning replayability can be different everytime and the ability to roleplay your character, whether it be good, neutral, or evil. DLC Storyline added with Remastered version; Journey to Dantooine to discover the root of the missing persons in the oligarchy community of the Lucienelle Estate.
      New Factions Join the Hunter's Federation, the Republic Fleet or Sith Fleet, The Galactic Bartender's Guild and even the hidden GenoHaradan.
      Followers and Companions Plenty of followers to join your party including; a Sand Person warrior, an Arkanian gray jedi, a Zabrak dark jedi, a mysterious Jawa, a questionable Rakghoul, a Human mercenary, and a commando of whichever naval fleet you join (Republic or Sith).
      New Spells Launch kinetic energy with new effects and spells such as Force Push!
      Abundance of Lore All datapads in Starwind level one of your skills and contain a ton of lore both new and existing Star Wars Legends lore.
      Collectibles and Tons of Hidden Easter Eggs Tons of easter eggs and collectible items to stash within your home or hideout. Can you collect all the Gizka in Starwind? Find the hidden Baby Bantha, Frogzard, or Iago?


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  7. moar class

    50 more classes for TES3:Morrowind

    Most are just NPC classes copied to a new ID and made playable (thank
    you enchanted editor), some are NPC classes I renamed and repurposed
    (thanks again enchanted editor) (as I didnt feel that some N'wah fresh
    off the boat would be an Ashlander Champion Wise Woman or Vivec's personal
    Ordinator Guard.( Though how you roleplay is your business but this is my
    mod.)), and a few are new ones I came up with.

    That was quite the run-on sentence, let's try that again...

    Most are just NPC classes copied to a new ID and made playable, some are
    NPC classes I renamed and repurposed, and a few are new ones I came up with.

    These are all new IDs and don't touch vanilla at all so there will be no conflicts.

    Some of the NPC classes are boring commoner stuff like farmer, trader, gardener,
    and even commoner, etc. I also added Tamriel Rebuilt's NPC class of Baker.
    But of course theres the cool ones too, enchanter, alchemist, necromancer,
    warlock, sharpshooter, etc.

    Heres the list of classes and descriptions, its too much work listing the stats you'll
    just have to go in game to see them. The descriptions are just a rough draft but in all
    honesty I most likely won't put any more effort in them lol.

    Artificers are experts in use of equipment, enchantments, and potions, and are good at ranged and melee combat.

    Adventurers take on any job from the mundane to the impossible in search of trinkets and trophies for their collection. They will use any means at their disposal to accomplish their task.

    Alchemists earn a living by collecting ingredients, making potions, and trading them. They usually are also skilled in enchantments and spell casting.

    Specialists in mind tricks the Archimage prefers to use persuasion and magic over resorting to barbaric combat, however can handle themselves in a fight if needed.

    Bakers have a fair knowledge of alchemical and tasty ingredients and usually make a living preparing breads and pastries for sell.

    Bandits are skilled warriors who make a living with burglary and robbery.

    Brawlers live for combat, they use weapons and offensive magic. When they get injured are capable of healing themselves.

    A caster is a surefooted archer who travels light and uses magic.

    A commoner that specializes in making and mending clothing and jewelry.

    A person who has no specialization in life, doing whatever mundane task needs to be done.

    Duelists prefer close quarters combat, always testing and improving their skill and looking for a worthy fight. They disaprove of ranged weapons, sneaking around stabbing people in the back, and using magic.

    Enchanters specialized in making and using enchanting items, but are also adept at other magic such as alchemy and spell casting.

    Enforcers are elite agents and assassins.

    A commoner that grows crops and breeds livestock.

    A commoner that earns a living by catching and selling fish.

    A skilled marksman and armorer.

    A commoner with a green thumb.

    A hardened warrior who thrives by battling in arenas and is skilled with all melee weapons and armors

    Commoner that cares for livestock

    Skilled marksmen that hunt at range for their food. They are good at sneaking up on their prey as well as defending themselves.

    A gambler that relys on luck and being sneaky.

    Adventurers that look for things to do, see, and write about.

    A specialist in casting spells, but not a very a good fighter.

    A versatile warrior that fights and steals for money.

    A commoner that earns a living through trading goods for profit.

    Commoners that work in egg or mineral mines. They have uncommon strength and stamina, and are practiced at swinging a pick and are skilled at repair.

    Mages who use their skills to summon deadly creatures to their aid.

    The elite rich and politically powerful people of a social group.

    A thief and fighter who cares little for the law.

    The poorest of commoners, only one step higher than a slave.

    A bandit of the high seas, skilled in combat, security, as well as sailing.

    Priests provide help to the needy, and trouble for the evil in the world.

    A common businessman that runs taverns and inns.

    A skilled hand to hand fighter

    Rangers travel light and use stealth and cunning in battle.They are skilled marksmen but often prefer a longblade.

    Sailors are born and conditioned for life on the seas, and often haggling for profit.

    A person of wide learning and cosmopolitan tastes. Well-traveled, educated, refined in manner, able to converse on various topics with authority, and ever ready to defend honor, and the honor of companions.

    Well educated and well spoken, scholars are always in search of more knowledge.

    The shaman relies on his mystical powers drawn from his worship of nature and animal spirits. They are known to be able to summon living creatures to fight by their sides, and are proficient with various weapons.

    A sharpshooter is a master of the various marksman weapons, often makes a living as a mercenary, working on short contracts as a caravan guard or expedition escort, or for long term contracts to nobles or merchants

    A thief and con-artist that takes little to chance by relying on skill and ability over luck.

    Slaves clean, prepare food, fetch and carry, do the shopping and marketing, and do other tasks too tiresome or menial for thier master which makes them high in endurance and have veritile skills.

    A smith is proficient in using, making, selling, and repairing weapons and armor.

    Smugglers buy, sell, and transport illegal and stolen goods.

    An assassin that specializes in long range executions but is also capable of infiltration and stealth if the situation requires it.

    A trained warrior that is well disiplined and well rounded in the skills of combat.

    A general merchant. Traders buy and sell a little of everything -- weapons ,armor, clothes, books, miscellaneous items of all kinds, whatever they can get their hands on.

    A spell user that prefers elemental attacks, manipulates the physical world and natural properties, and alters the perceptions and thoughts of living beings often for selfish or evil reasons.

    A spell user that captures souls and summons monsters, manipulates the physical world and natural properties, and alters the perceptions and thoughts of living beings, often for selfish or evil reasons.

    Wizard is just another word for mage. The major difference between a wizard and a mage is a wizard prefers to use a wand or staff instead of a dagger.


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  8. Stripes' Birthsign Advancement

    Stripes' Birthsign Advancement
    A TES3:Morrowind mod by Stripes
    Birthsign perks will increase as you level up.
    1)place the ESP file in your Morrowind/Data Files  folder
    2)Activate in the Launcher

    Obviously this is intended to be used with a fresh new character

    Do not use this on an existing save it simply will be broken


    When you start a game will only have your birthsign ability, as you
    level up will gain a power, spells, and improve your ability.

    There are only 4 tiers I'd like it to have more but I haven't the time.

    The level at which your birthsign advances is determined by global
    variables set by a popup menu after character generation.

    Example, when you rest to level up to 2 you will receive your power,
    level 3 spells, level 4 upgraded abilities. Or which ever level
    or order in which you set the globals. if you want spells before
    power set spell to 2 and power to 3 for example.

    You can set the levels anywhere between 2 and 100.

    Also it wont allow you to have more than one perk at the same level,
    you will get a message, "Invalid Entry"
    ( Having more than one upgrade per level goes against the whole purpose
    of this mod )

    The atronach ability does not upgrade you gain another power instead

    I grant full permission for modders to use this in any way they want or can as long
    as im given credit of course. In fact i encourage someone to finish what ive started
    so please if you have any ideas for improvement to this feel free to do so. Just let
    me know so i can have a copy too lol

    The Birthsign powers abilities and spells:


    Ability- Elfborn
    Fortify Magicka 15
    Weakness to Magicka 50
    Fortify Magicka 15
    Weakness to Magicka 25

    Power- Elfborn Tenacity
    Reflect 50 for 60 sec

    Spell- Elfborn's Refuge
    Resist Magicka 30 for 25 sec cost 5


    Ability- Wombburn
    Spell Absorbtion 50
    Fortify Magicka 20
    Stunted Magicka

    power 1: Atronach's Flourish
    absorb 2 magicka on touch for 30 sec

    power 2:Golem's Strength
    restore magicka 1 for 20 sec

    spell- Atronach's Heed
    weakness to magicka 10 on target for 20 sec cost 10


    Abilities- Lady's Favor Lady's Grace
    fortify personality 10
    fortify endurance 10
    fortify personality 25
    fortify endurance 25

    Power-Lady's Luck
    Charm 30-50 on touch for 5 sec

    Spell-Lady's Finesse
    feather 20-50 for 30 sec cost 10


    Ability- Trollkin
    weakness to fire 100%
    weakness to fire 75%

    Starting- blood of the north
    restore health 2 for 30 sec cost 15
    added- Will of the Lord
    frost damage 1-2 on touch range 10 for 30 sec cost 10

    power- Lord's Salvation
    fire shield 40-80 for 30 sec


    Ability- Mooncalf
    fortify agility 15
    fortifu agility 25

    Power- Lovers Kiss
    paralyze 60 sec on target
    damage fatigue self 200 for 1 sec

    Spell- Lovers Gaze
    silence 10 sec on target


    Ability- Fay
    fortify Magicka .5
    fortify magicka .6

    Power- fays prowess
    fortify magicka 50-100 for 30 sec

    Spell- fays knack
    restore fatigue 1-2 for 60 sec cost 2


    Ability- Blessed Fire
    fortify willpower 15
    fortify willpower 25

    Power- maras gift
    restore health 100

    Spells- blessed word blessed touch
    turn undead


    Ability- Serpents Bane
    fortify health 50
    weakness to normal weapons 10
    fortify health 100
    weakness to normal weapons 10

    Power-Serpent Bite
    Sound 5-20 on target for 30 sec
    drain willpower on self 5 for 30 sec

    Spell- Star Curse
    poison 3 on touch for 30 sec
    damage health 1 on self for 30 sec
    cost 5


    Ability- Moonshade
    fortify Endurance 10
    fortify endurance 25

    Power- moonshadow
    invisibility 60 sec

    spell- mooncloud
    blind 10-20 range 10 for 20 sec on target cost 5


    fortify speed 15
    fortify speed 25

    Power- dark horse
    restore fatigue 5-10 for 60 sec

    fortify athletics 10 for 60 sec cost 5


    Ability-Akaviri Danger-sense
    Sanctuary 10
    sanctuary 15

    power- Akaviri Subtlety
    fortify sneak 25 for 60 sec

    spell-Akaviri deftness
    fortify security 10-25 for 20 sec cost 10


    fortify luck 5
    fortify luck 5
    fortify fatigue 25

    power- tower key
    open 50-100 on touch

    Spell- beggers nose
    detect animal enchantment key 200 for 60 sec cost 5


    Ability- Warwyrd
    fortify attack 10
    fortify attack 15

    Power- Warwyrd Fortitude
    absorb health 20-100 on touch

    Spell-Warwyrd Stamina
    fortify fatigue 50-100 for 40 sec


    known issues bugs disclaimer:
    leveling more than once in a row may cause an issue where you wont get all your perks
    This is easily avoided by leveling up right away before your skill totals build up
    I am looking into finding a workaround but have not yet for this release


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  9. Imperial Armour Expanded - BETA

    This is a beta for my Imperial armour expansion, putting more emphasis on how uniforms impact life in the legion. This mod adds, modifies and distributes suits of Legion armour with the intention of making armour a bigger faucet of Legion identity.

    This mod does several things to Legion uniforms:
    - Studded leather, dragonscale, silver and newtscale cuirasses are now listed as Legion uniforms.
    - The studded leather, chain, newtscale, silver, duke's silver and dragonscale armour sets have been completed, and the new pieces distributed among Legion members and smithies.
    - Ash mask helmets can be found on legionnaires outside Buckmoth Legion fort and sold by Yambagorn gor-Shulor inside.
    - Varus Vantinius now has a unique helmet that he will don when duelling the player and can be taken from him after he's been defeated.
    - Instead of being given armour pieces as a promotion bonus, the player is issued with a choice of leather, chain or steel armour when they join the Legion. Upon being promoted to Knight Errant, the player is offered a set of their choice of newtscale, dragonscale or templar. Similarly, when the player becomes a member of the Order of Ebonheart, they will be offered a full set through Sirollus Saccus.
    - Non-Legion affiliated players can be arrested by Legion guards for wearing Legion uniforms.

    The assets in the beta are not final, and I'm hoping to replace them with something more consistent with the vanilla Morrowind art style.
    Many assets here are from various resources by quorn and Alaisiagae.

    If you want to follow development the mod, report any bugs or contribute to the project, you can join my discord here.

    In terms of compatibility, this mod adds a script to the vanilla newtscale, silver and dragonscale cuirasses to make them Legion uniforms. This likely means that if there are any mods that edit those values, they will be incompatible.

    The mod also changes the inventories of a lot of Legion members. However, by and large these NPCs are inconsequential and are mostly generic and unlikely to be affected by any other mods. The interiorrs of most Legion garrisons have also had changes, however these are mostly just armour pieces added to the world space and no drastic layout changes.


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  10. Graht Morrowind Swamp Trees


    This mod adds enormous trees to the Bitter Coast region to provide a dense canopy overheard and large roots jutting out of the ground below. This mod is mostly eye candy in nature. I don't consider this a "realistic" take on what the Bitter Coast should look like. I've tried my best to optimize the tree meshes (fully split up collision meshes), but they are big and have a ton of leaf planes each, so don't expect this to increase your FPS.

    I recommend using this with Vality's Bitter Coast mod to enhance the tree density. Even if you don't use Vality's trees, you can install something like Vurt's Bitter Coast Trees after Vality's and you'll end up with a denser swamp if you use the plugin in Vality's mod. I used Ozzy's Grass in the screenshots.


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  11. Ebonheart, Imperial Chapels Redo

    I never liked the vanilla layout of the Ebonheart, Imperial Chapel. It was way smaller than the exterior portrayed and it made no sense to have everyone in the same room where the religious services were held.

    This is a bit larger on the exterior and interior (though if it's any more logical is up for debate). When you enter, you'll notice a corridor. To your immediate left is a room with the trainer, merchants and quest givers. The door leading to the downstairs sleeping area is also in this new room.

    Downstairs, the sleeping area is more restful. It's slightly darker and no NPCs down there. You still need to be a member of the Imperial Cult to sleep in those beds though.

    At the end of the corridor is the chapel and that is its only purpose (just like any other chapel in our nook of the universe). Lalatia Varian can still be found there.

    I also included an update to my Soul Gems for Sale mod. If you already use the original SGfS and you decide to use the Redo mod, then switch out the Soul Gems esp files and use the one in this file instead.

    For those who don't know anything about my Soul Gems for Sale mod, I've included the original read me for that mod because it's basically the same except the location of the container with the soul gems for sale in Imperial Chapel is relocated to the main room with the enchanter merchant. Nothing else was changed.

    That's it. Enjoy!    


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  12. Redoran Archmaster's Office

    Made for the 2021 Spring Modjam, theme was Redoran. I always thought running a great house would be a lot of administrative work, but in game there is very little evidence of any administration whatsoever for any of the great houses. There was a little evidence of it in Bolvyn Venim's manor with the room/office he's in but once the player inherits the title of Archmaster, s/he has no place to work. So, this is an attempt to correct this.
    I added some decorative items, but I also left room for the player to add their own. There's a decent amount of storage here given the purpose of the mod, though it may not be obvious...at first.
    You may rest on the sofas.
    This is intended to be role-playing friendly, and (hopefully?) worthy of the Redoran Archmaster.
    Talk to Athyn Sarethi to be promoted to Archmaster. He'll give you the key to the Archmaster's office. The office is located in the Redoran Council Entrance. There's an extra door there now.
    New in version 1.11:
    Fixed some issues with dialogue that prevented the player from getting the key to the Archmaster's office.
    Replaced sofa texture with one that looks more leathery. Thanks to tewlwolow.
    Corrected a typo in one of the books.
    Hopefully, this is the last time I will have to update this. I am so sorry for the inconvenience if you've previously downloaded this mod.


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  13. ReligousPlaces by DerLarsi "DLS"

    This mod expands and modifies eight of the most important religious sites
    in Vvardenfell. The importance of the places was taken into account and
    mostly themed according to the history.
    The changes were made to: Assarnibibi, Ghostgate, Kand, Koalcave (interior),
    Kummu, Maar Gan (interior), Sanctus shrine and Vivec shrine of Daring.
    The changes in detail:
    At the birthplace of Almalexia you will now find the
    possibility to pray. Candles in woven baskets symbolize the light of hope
    towards the "Lady of Mercy" in the cradle.

    The pilgrimage site is also an important military facility. As
    such, it has been expanded into a fortress. Guards patrol near the gate
    and guard the way to the shrine. This has been expanded and additionally
    protected against the dangers of the red mountain.

    The changes of the Kandberg are a decoration of the entrance, making
    it stand out better against the surrounding woods. The actual shrine was
    also decorated with offerings.

    A chamber was added to the Koal Cave. There you can find the shrine
    decorated with symbols of Vivec's fight against the Dreugh's father. Candles
    and glowing mushrooms illuminate the cave atmospherically.

    The shrine was highlighted by surrounded walls. On the steps,
    pilgrims shed their clothes to commemorate Vivec's humility when he took
    off his clothes to work in the field.

    Maar Gan:
    The small church was expanded underground and now offers enough
    space for pilgrims to admire the stone. (Note: Due to its size, the escape
    from Anhaedra will be more difficult during the quest "Pilgrimage to Maar Gan")
    Sanctus shrine:
    The Sanctus shrine was decorated with offerings. Instruments
    invite to use his voice again after the long silence, a copy of Saryoni's
    Sermons to reflect to the sound of wind chimes.
    Vivec, Shrine of daring:
    In the shadow of the moon, whose debris now hovers
    like a tail behind the celestial body, tracing its path, one can sit down to
    pray. At the altar you will find one of the lessons of Vivec, which tells the
    history of the place, probably sermons were held here recently.


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  14. Marandus Rebuilt

    The once generic stronghold of Marandus has now been given a facelift to truly show that it's now a Redoran conquest.  
    This mod adds a new tower to the stronghold of Marandus, along with some exterior and interior decorations, making the fort more distinct. The rogue Redoran inhabitants will now tout some more impressive OAAB armour, truly preparing themselves for the inevitable onslaught of the enemies of Redoran.

    Future plans include making the denizens of Marandus friendly to high ranking Redoran characters (or maybe to those with a cunning disguise) and adding more services to make it something of an alternate Great House stronghold that the player can link up into with the propylon network.

    This mod requires Of Ash And Blight Data and all game expansions.

    This mod is likely incompatible with any other mods that change Marandus or edit the inventories of the NPCs there.

          Some recommended mods: Master Index Redux by me Streamlines Master Index functionality and can be useful when travelling to Marandus. Andasreth Stronghold by Rytelier Another stronghold overhaul to make the bandit hideout a bit more interesting. Berandas Overhaul by seelof A new dungeon redux that makes the daedra takeover of the stronghold more apparent and visible. Kogoruhn Expanded by Team Drama Kwama The stronghold of Kogoruhn has now been made fitting as one of the main strongholds of House Dagoth.



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  15. Mal's Balmora Overhaul


    This mod removes all of the exterior Balmora architecture meshes (houses, stairs, walls, etc.) and replaces them with custom-made models. It also adds brand new meshes and shapes to build up a new and improved (to me, at least) vision of the Balmora layout.


    This mod makes heavy alterations to the cells that make up Balmora, therefore it is highly likely to be incompatible with any mod that makes changes to those cells. This includes other Balmora city expansions, player homes in Balmora, NPCs added to exterior Balmora, edits to the pathing, etc.

    This mod completely removes the existing house and general architecture meshes and replaces them with custom meshes and textures. As such any texture and mesh replacers for the vanilla meshes will not interfere with this mod (and this mod will not interfere with existing vanilla meshes outside of Balmora), but they won't apply to it, either.

    There are now patches for the following mods:
    Aesthesia Groundcover - the .esp file inside "01 Aesthesia Groundcover Patch"
    Remiros' Groundcover - the .esp file inside "02 Remiros Groundcover Patch"

    Known Issues

    The mod as it is now should be fully playable without any gameplay issues and some minor visual ones listed below. If you encounter any bugs/errors please let me known in the comments. The following issues are ones that I'm already aware of, so please avoid reporting them. Also if anyone is willing to offer help/fixes to get these cleared up faster, I would really appreciate it.

    - Door UV maps are terrible, based on vanilla texture's door proportions. Will be improved in a future release.
    - Sidewalk paver UV maps are terrible. Will be redone in a future release.
    - No glowing windows at night. They're currently being worked on now, will be added in a future release.
    - No vertex colors on the meshes. Might be done in a future release.
    - There are general tweaks and changes I will want to make to some meshes to add more variety in the future such as:
    - A proper sidewalk texture instead of reusing the wall texture.
    - A temple replacer.
    - Wear and tear on some buildings, the occasional broken railing, etc.


    Greatness7 - For his Blender plugin and for sharing an export of the Balmora cells. Without these this project might never have begun in the first place.
    Lysol - All of the textures except for the window glass were provided by Lysol. He made custom modification and added new textures where necessary. Thank you for putting up with my requests.
    Siberian Crab - For his window glass texture.
    The OpenMW and Morrowind Modding Community Discords - For answering all of my questions regarding model and mod making.
    Shehriazad - Compatibility patches for Remiros' Groundcover and Aesthesia Groundcover.


    You are free to use these assets for whatever you wish so long as credit is given (to myself and the asset contributors) and your mod is free to download/use (donations are fine). If the mod download does down and I can't be contacted for more than 1 month, feel free to reupload the mod.


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  16. Tamriel Rebuilt

    Latest Version: Build 21.01 January 31st, 2021

    TR_Mainland is our fully released content, while TR_Preview contains areas still in development   Fully playable landmass bigger than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; filled with new NPCs, settlements, dungeons and more. (TR_Mainland) Visit major cities such as Old Ebonheart, Port Telvannis and Necrom.  Featuring over 350+ quests and questlines. All new weapon and armor sets New books, items, spells and more. Before installing Tamriel Rebuilt, please ensure that you have the latest version of Morrowind (v1.6820), including both Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed, as well as Tamriel_Data version 8.0 or later. The Morrowind Code Patch is also recommended if you are playing on the vanilla engine.
    No other plug-ins are required.

    Tamriel Rebuilt doesn't contain its own asset files. You need to download Tamriel_Data. Please install Tamriel_Data v8 when updating to 21.01!

    Make sure to read the information about Tamriel_Data and register both BSAs in your Morrowind.ini.

    Both PT_Data and TR_Data need to be registered. If you don't update and register both BSAs, you will encounter exclamation marks for missing meshes and other errors.
      Tamriel Rebuilt is a large fan project for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. When Bethesda Softworks, the developers of the Elder Scrolls series, started designing the game towards the end of the 1990s, the original intent was to include all of the eponymous country's landmass in the game. As it turned out, this was too large a task and the scope was reduced to Morrowind's central volcanic island, Vvardenfell. Even so, the result was an enormous, colorful world that many, in our project and beyond, still consider one of their most memorable game experiences. Our aim is to pick up where Bethesda left off: by creating the rest of its mainland, we are building Morrowind as it could have been, in a way that is truthful to the vision of the original developers. Rather than just providing a game world several times the size of the original, we want that world's vistas, stories and people to be every inch as captivating as its example.

    Tamriel Rebuilt is a long-term project. What took a team of paid, full-time developers several years obviously takes a group of volunteers longer. On the other hand we also have the luxury of not being bound by the same temporal and budgetary constraints that a game studio is subject to, which means we are free to undertake some things that would otherwise never become reality.

    There is much to be created, much to be expanded and improved upon, and for that we need all the help we can get. If you love Morrowind and its world, if you are interested in the creation of mods or games, or if you just want a creative outlet in a lively online community, consider taking a look at how to join the project.
      We hope you enjoy our creation!

    - The Tamriel Rebuilt Team
        Q: Is Tamriel Rebuilt still being developed?
    A: Absolutely! Even after all these years, the Tamriel Rebuilt community is very active! We mostly communicate through our Discord server, where we discuss current work, propose new ideas, and conduct weekly (Sunday) meetings on Sundays. Our meeting notes are kept here. That said, we can always use more hands on deck. The best way to start helping the project is to read through this this page or this one. Of course, becoming a developer is not the only way to become active in the TR community. Even if you feel you have nothing to contribute to the project, please stop by the Discord and introduce yourself. It is a great way to participate, whether you want to join in our official meetings or just ask us questions or share your own ideas.

    Q: What do all the different ESPs do? TR_Mainland.esm - Finished landmass, including fully playable quests and interiors TR_Preview.esp - Unfinished landmass, often contains only exteriors; subject to change TR_Factions.esp - Integrates faction questlines and progression, contains additional Hortator quests TR_Travels.esp - Adds travel connections to TR_Mainland TR_Travels (Mainland and Preview).esp - Adds travel connections to TR_Mainland and TR_Preview; subject to change TR_OldTravels.esp - Compatibility plugin for abot's Silt Striders and Boats
    Q: Why am I seeing yellow exclamation marks everywhere?
    Q: Why am I getting "actor has no animation class" errors?
    Q: Why is my game crashing at character selection?
    A: You are having problems with BSA registration. Please see here for a detailed response.

    Q: Why is my minimap cut off?
    A: The Morrowind minimap has a hardcoded size limit that cannot be changed by mods. You will either need to use the Morrowind Code Patch, which has an optional "extended map" change that doubles the space the minimap can cover, or you need to switch to OpenMW, which has no hardcoded minimap limit.

    Q: Does Tamriel Rebuilt add quests?
    A: Absolutely! TR_Mainland alone adds hundreds of miscellaneous and faction quests, and the number will only increase with time.
    For more information, please see a detailed response here.

    Q: When is Tamriel Rebuilt going to be complete?
    A: Good question! The joke answer is 2090 and the optimistic answer is 2030. However, "it will be done when it's done" is unfortunately the only true answer: attention and contributions to Tamriel Rebuilt vary, developers come and go, and plans change. All of these factors make it pretty hard if not impossible to predict when Tamriel Rebuilt will be officially "complete".

    Q: Will any of the finished content be redone?
    A: The first three releases, which roughly encompass Telvannis, the Sacred Lands around Necrom, and the east around Akamora and Bosmora, will be redone in the future. Both landscaping, questlines, and dialogue need an overhaul to put them in line with the new standards we have developed.
    Opinions differ on the scope of the changes, but everybody agrees that the redo will be tackled only after Tamriel Rebuilt nears completion.

    Q: Is Tamriel Rebuilt lore friendly?
    Q: Why the hate against Elder Scrolls Online?
    Opinions vary. For most new players, Tamriel Rebuilt is not considered to be lore friendly anymore, sometimes even aggressively hostile to new lore.
    Generally, we consider Tamriel Rebuilt's game world to be friendly to the lore of TES III, the First Pocket Guide to the Empire, Redguard and Battlespire first and foremost. Later changes and additions to the lore were made when Tamriel Rebuilt had already been in development for years, making it necessary to pick and choose which lore bits we include in our version of Tamriel even when the only new lore was contained in TES IV: Oblivion. With a consistent game world as one of our main goals, a lot of new lore simply doesn't fit. Find out more about our lore policy here. 

    Q: Is Tamriel Rebuilt compatible with OpenMW?
    A: Yes, the odd bug notwithstanding. OpenMW is as much in development as Tamriel Rebuilt and bugs can and will happen. You can find OpenMW's stance here and notes about compatibility here.

    Q: Is Tamriel Rebuilt compatible with Skyrim: Home of the Nords and Province: Cyrodiil?
    A: Absolutely, starting with our common asset base (Tamriel_Data). All of the province mods which are part of Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel have the aim to create a seamless, fitting gameworld. There are currently some rough edges (lore and landscape), but they will be smoothed out in time. Our goal is to make it possible to travel across a consistent and interconnected Tamriel.

    Q: Is Tamriel Rebuilt compatible with Skywind or Morroblivion?
    A: This cannot be answered with either yes or no, because the question itself is wrong. Both Skywind and Morroblivion are mods made for later games in the Elder Scrolls franchise, TES IV: Oblivion and TES V: Skyrim (Special Edition), respectively. To make Tamriel Rebuilt (a TES III: Morrowind mod) "compatible" with either would mean porting our content (assets, landscaping, dialogue and quests) to the games these two mods were built upon. For Skywind, this seems out of the question due to time and work constrains. As of 2019, and 7 years of development, it still hasn't had a public release of some kind. It can be assumed that the project is still busy porting the content from the Morrowind base game and will only be able to start work on converting Tamriel Rebuilt after this is done, assuming this is something the developers are even interested in.The same holds true for Morroblivion, however there is an effort to port Tamriel Rebuilt’s cells over to it. Find out more here.

    Q: Why is Tamriel Rebuilt incompatible with Morrowind Rebirth?
    A: Morrowind Rebirth is said to be incompatible with Tamriel Rebuilt due to some overlapping landscaping edits, edits to the same NPCs on Vvardenfell due to TR_Travels, balance changes which make Tamriel Rebuilt content overpowered, and model replacements included in Morrowind Rebirth that make Firewatch in particular unnavigable. Neither of these are game-breaking and we do not currently consider Morrowind Rebirth incompatible. Trancemaster's recommendation to not use Tamriel Rebuilt and Morrowind Rebirth together is just that: a recommendation. Both mods can run in tandem, but not without the stated problems. Fortunately, such a patch is available here.

    Q: I found a bug! What do I do with it?
    A: Report it in the Bugtracker in our website. Give us as much information as you can, such as a screenshot, coordinates, error log, etc.
    Beyond Morrowind

    While TR originally aimed to create the whole continent of Tamriel, as its name suggests, we ended up deciding to limit our scope to focus on the Morrowind mainland. Our sister project, Project Tamriel (PT), is working on the provinces of Skyrim and Cyrodiil in their own unique vision:

    Skyrim: Home of the Nords (S:HotN): https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44921/
    Province Cyrodiil (P:C): https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44922/

    Other Mods

    As a high-impact mod, TR does not work well with several other mods. On the other hand, there are certain mods that will enrich both the vanilla and TR experience.

    For a list of recommended mods, see https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/recommended-mods
    For a list of incompatible mods or mods that need a patch to work, see an incomplete WIP list: https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/incompatible-mods


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  17. Maren's Misfit Mabrigash

    Part of the Summer Modjam 2020
    Maren's Misfit Mabrigash
    by MysticElodie
    Discover the whereabouts of an odd ashlander witch who's taken up residence in a tomb near the Erabenimsun tribe's camp. Maren's Misfit Mabrigash is a dungeon overhaul and quest mod that overhauls and expands the Maren Ancestral Tomb into a hideout befitting of an ashlander, and adds a new quest to complete in the dungeon.
    Likely incompatible with other mods that edit Maren Ancestral Tomb and, to a lesser extent, Arethan Ancestral Tomb. Should otherwise be compatible with most things. Patch for Purists' fix for the dungeon's boss is included (removing his false essential flag).


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  18. Legion at Firemoth

    "Do not speak of it. Do not go there. Only the legions of the dead guard the walls now."  
    This is a mod that overhauls the Siege at Firemoth official plugin and makes it a legion-exclusive quest. I thought it was strange that the siege was considered a great disgrace to the legion and a matter of honour, but Sellus Gravius would sent the player on a mission with a bunch of hired mercenaries to liberate the fort.

    This mod changes many aspects of the original plugin, including
    The quest is now Legion exclusive: the player must be a Knight Bachelor of the Legion to accept this quest. The mercenaries are now proper legionnaires. The lich boss Grurm is significantly easier, though will still be a tough fight. The fort interrior has been optimised and made more lore-friendly; no more hidden doors in illogical places or huge spacious halls filled with enemies. The fort is now repopulated by the Legion after your successful liberation. The Ward of Akavir is no longer removed from the game when you complete the quest, and will be availible to borrow when the player challenges Varus Vantinius for the position of the Knight of the Imperial Dragon, and can subsequently borrowed and returned once the player gets the position. Check with the fort priest in the barracks if you want to use the shield. A player home and fort post liberation.
    Some things I want to update later on include
    New mesh for the Ward of Akavir and maybe unique enemies Some commander duties for the player to do post liberation, or some other quests/events. Some additions to the player's quarters in the fort. Unique rewards based on choices and surviving legionnaires. Add vanilla wood and rope textures to Momo's cranes.
    This mod will also be part of my legion expansion mod coming out soon. To check on progress, I post my WIPs on my discord server.
    This mod is built on the original plugin, meaning you only need to download this mod. This means it's incompatible with the original mod, and any other Firemoth mod for that matter. This also includes the Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched mod, which has a patched version of Firemoth (Though Legion at the Siege of Firemoth also includes most of the same fixes anyway). A possible workaround would be to delete the Firemoth references from UMOPP, but I might try look into a patch for it.

    This mod should be compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt.  


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  19. Symphony_the

    The Symphony, for the glory of Morrowind!
    Primary for modmakers build.
    1.7.6 ver. all patches integrated.
    If You are not know what Symphony is, see full details there:
    About this build at current site is:
    - No installer.
    - No Bsa.
    - Only single esp file. ENG version only. Test version only (with test locations).
    - All patches are included.
    - Eng textures for Books.
    If You already in using Symphony, You can delete all old bsa files and install this build.
    Or pack this files to BSA and replacing with it the native archives.
    No Ideas: but this one ESP file may need to require starting a new game.
    Or You can try to disable all old esp files of Symphony and use this one.
    But not important.
    Here is just integrated all patches and no new stuff. No big reasons to do something.


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  20. Master Index Redux

    "The Master Index is what I hope to make out of all my research. It combines the combined magical patterns and enchantments into one, making a universal index for all of the propylons on Vvardenfel. Of course, to make it I'd need to copy the enchantment from the other indexes first, which is where you'd help in my project."
    This mod intends to revise certain aspects of the Master Index official plugin and make it more streamlined and sensible.

    This mod changes several aspects of the Master Index quest and plugin, including Changes to dialogue and quest entries. I felt some where rather wooden and made Folms Mirel a robotic and ungrateful sounding individual. Some dialogue added to Folms and other NPCs to add some depth and backround to the quest. The functionality of the Master Index has changed, with it needing the use of a Propylon in the Caldera Mages Guildhall instead of talking to Folms for transport to strongholds, making it useful for players taking the Silent Pilgrimage. Some quest aspects have changed, including the aquisition of certain Propylon indices. Some alterations to the Caldera Mages Guildhall, including a basement workshop for Folms and his custom Propylon.
    Some things I want to update later include Updating the basement workshop and maybe some new meshes to tidy up the Propylon on display there. Adding some more quest enhancers to improve the overall quality of the quest. An oppurtunity for Folms to show off his work to the guild and replace the guild guides with some successfully replicated Propylons. Some documents and notes to add some more backround to Folm's research, maybe with some illustrations and schematics.

    This mod is built on the original plugin, meaning you only need to download this mod. This means it's incompatible with the original mod, and any other Master Index mod for that matter. It may also conflict with any mods that edit the interrior of the Mages Guildhall or Irgola's pawnshop in Caldera.

    This mod has been tested and works with Caldera Mage's Guild Expanded.

    There is a compatibility patch availible for Caldera Mage's Quarters, which should be loaded after Caldera Mage's Quarters.


    Some recommended mods: Improved Propylon Particles by starwarsgal9875: Adds nicer, more FPS-friendly particles which fill the entire propylon chamber. Propylon Pillar Retexture by Alaisiagae: Adds glowmaps to the propylon pillar text, adding some nice visual variety.




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