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Accurate Tooltip Stats 1.0

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This mod implements more accurate, context-dependent tooltip displays for weapon damage and armor ratings, using MWSE-lua.
In vanilla Morrowind, weapon tooltips will display the official damage values for each attack type (chop/slash/thrust) as listed in the Construction Set. However, the game also takes the player's strength and the weapon's condition into account in determining the actual damage done by the weapon. With this mod, the tooltip damage display will take these factors into account as well.
For armor, in vanilla, the armor rating listed in the CS is modified by the player's relevant armor skill to determine the AR displayed in the tooltip, but the game also takes into account the armor's condition when determining the actual AR provided by the armor. With this mod, the tooltip AR display will also take condition into account.
In addition, the mod can optionally increase the precision of the damage and AR displays. The vanilla game will only display these values as integers; this mod can cause them to show one digit past the decimal point. This can also optionally affect the armor rating display below the character portrait in the inventory menu.
Each component of the mod can be enabled/disabled as desired in the Mod Config Menu.
This mod requires MGE XE and the latest version of MWSE 2.1. Just install MGE XE and run MWSE-Update.exe to download the latest build.
This mod is compatible with Thrown Projectiles Revamped. Normally, this mod doubles the displayed damage done by thrown weapons before strength is taken into account, as that's what the game does when calculating their damage. However, if you're using Thrown Projectiles Revamped, this mod will not double the damage display for these weapons, because it's no longer needed to ensure accuracy.
The mod is also compatible with a number of other mods that change how armor ratings are calculated: Useful Bound Armor, Bound to Balance, Armor Rating, 4NM Combat, and 4NM. This mod will detect whether you're using one of those mods, and if so will take their changes into account when adjusting the tooltip display.
There might be conflicts with other MWSE-lua mods that change how armor rating or weapon damage is calculated. (Mods that just change the damage/AR of weapon/armor pieces will be compatible.)
Conflicts are also possible with MWSE-lua mods that muck around with weapon or armor tooltips. (However it's perfectly compatible with UI Expansion.)
Do not use Accurate Thrown Weapon Tooltips with this mod - that mod is basically incorporated into this one.
Feel free to contact me on Moddinghall or the Nexus with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.

Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just copy the MWSE directory to your Data Files directory.

You can use this however you want.


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