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Anna Sera 0.9.8

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A boathouse near Seyda Neen that I made for myself, Id be open to suggestions and If anyone really wants the boat in a different location LMK. ALSO if there is anyone out there with the know how to make this boat mobile let me know I would love to see her functional. For now it is what it is 🙂 one of my very first creations I made in honor of my late father who used to take me sailing as a kid, he also got me into ES in the first place. P.S. I HIGHLY recommend you check the actor collision box fix in MCP for this is tightly cluttered and MUCH easier to navigate with the collision box fix. Also if you are using the new lighthouse in Seyda Neen Gateway to Vvardenfell or Beautiful Cities by RandomPal please use the .esp with BC at the end and load it after such a mod. 

Morrowind Code Patch 2.5 2_12_2021 11_10_48 PM.png

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If you are using Beautiful Cities by RandomPal or Seyda Neen Gateway to Vvardenfell use the .esp with BC at the end. If vanilla use the one without.

What's New in Version 0.9.7 HOTFIX   See changelog


OOPS the door in the cooking cabid had a f***** up marker. DONT use 0.9.7 use this one lol

I give full permissions as long as there is credit 🙂 


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I love all the detail in this houseboat. It feels incredibly cozy inside and out. Great work!

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This means a quite a lot coming from the Dahrk. Thank you. 

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This is a truly beautifully decorated house boat. The level of detail and creative use of vanilla assets is stunning. The lowest level has a ton of storage containers and the bedroom was exquisite. I love how you made a bed in the common bay window. That was definitely my favorite part. I loved the little storage options nestled into the various parts of the boat as well. They're inobtrusive but present.

It should be stated that there is a lot of loot in this over and above the decorative touches. All the containers have loot of some kind in them or coins. You can get quite wealthy just as you get off the boat just from the stuff in the lower level storage area, not including the other levels. There is also a lot of loot alone just on the dock on the island where you teleport to the boat itself.

The kitchen area is very cramped due to the smallness of the cabin. It's cute and cozy, but you can barely move around in there. Not really ideal for a kitchen, but I loved the decorative touches anyway.

My second favorite part is the bar area. It looked and felt like a true pub. I loved how all of it was set up.

One last thing...an exceptional job with the lighting. It blended well with the decor and was just very well thought out. Every light source was where it needed to be and it enhanced the coziness.

One last thing, I found one error. One of the dock pieces on the lighthouse was missing. I know this wasn't caused by another mod because the only mod that was loaded was this mod and Better Bodies so that should be fixed ASAP. Still, despite this error, it still warrants a 5 star rating because this error is easily fixed and doesn't take away from the beauty of the boat.

Now, please make houses. If you can do something so amazing in such a relatively small space, I want to see what you can do with something larger.

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there are two versions one for vanilla one for beautiful cities. Use the one with BC at the end ONLY if you are using beautiful cities. 

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