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Item Generator

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Item Generator

MWRandItem is a simple application that can output random items (armor, weapons, and clothing) for use in the game of Morrowind.
It is a result of some discussion on the official Morrowind message board about such as utility. 

Simply copy the EXE file and the 3 DAT files into a directory of your choice. The DAT files contain the item, effect, and unique information as described below. If you receive an error message about a missing MFC___.DLL, just e-mail me at uesp@sympatico.ca or find the file on the net (check Microsoft). Most computers already have this file.

There are 3 DAT files (BaseItems, Effects, and Uniques) that are required since they contain all the item and effect information for creating the random items. The files are all text files so that  ew items or effects can be easily added or changed. Each file contains a brief format description at the top of the file.

Note that the effect and unique data files are not complete. I only added a base set of effects and unique items to give you a head start. There are many, many more effects in particular that could be added (only simple damage and attribute effects are included, which leaves about 100 or more effects unused).


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