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Graht Morrowind Swamp Trees

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Graht Morrowind Swamp Trees


This mod adds enormous trees to the Bitter Coast region to provide a dense canopy overheard and large roots jutting out of the ground below. This mod is mostly eye candy in nature. I don't consider this a "realistic" take on what the Bitter Coast should look like. I've tried my best to optimize the tree meshes (fully split up collision meshes), but they are big and have a ton of leaf planes each, so don't expect this to increase your FPS.

I recommend using this with Vality's Bitter Coast mod to enhance the tree density. Even if you don't use Vality's trees, you can install something like Vurt's Bitter Coast Trees after Vality's and you'll end up with a denser swamp if you use the plugin in Vality's mod. I used Ozzy's Grass in the screenshots.




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